Top 5 Translator Jobs in Ho Chi Minh

Ho Chi Minh’s rapid economic and cultural development is one of the main reasons why numerous international companies have opened subsidiaries in this city and region. Based on future economic projections, that trend of new international companies establishing a presence in the city will continue to rise for the foreseeable future.

As a result, the demand for translators in Ho Chi Minh has never been greater, mainly for English to Vietnam and vice versa, but also for other languages. Here we will present the top five translator jobs in the city of Ho Chi Minh. Each of them is a unique opportunity to make a decent living and even to put some money aside.

  1. Personal Translators

    Most of the foreign executives and managers that come to do business in Ho Chi Minh, and Vietnam in general, hire a personal translator to translate for them during business meetings and other arrangements. In most cases, the translator also assumes the role of a personal assistant and take cares of other matters such as booking flights, hotels, making lunch reservations in hotels, translate documents, and so on. Typically, personal translators are well paid and are employed full time.

  2. Conference Interpreters

    Hundreds of international

Teaching English in Vietnam

More and more English teachers see Vietnam as a prime destination where they can work and live. There are several reasons why Vietnam is so attractive destination for many English teachers. Some of the most notable ones include the fascinating culture, the foreign-friendly people, the tropical climate, and the colorful markets.

Thanks to its rapid economic development and the numerous foreign companies in Vietnam and the millions of English speaking tourists that visit the country each year, the demand for English teachers and tutors has never been greater. Especially, if the teacher is a native speaker and has years of experience in teaching under their belt.


  • Job requirements and salary


English teachers are required to have at least a Bachelor’s degree and will need to pass a criminal background check. In addition to that, some employers may ask for a TEFL certificate. Even though that’s not mandatory but it’s recommended to have it. In average, English teachers make from $800 to $1,800 per month, more if they are employed by some of the elite international schools. Most full-time English teachers work 30 to 40 hours per week, that’s when you add up office hours, lesson planning, and

How to make most of the Vietnamese translation services?

Thousands of multinational companies are taking the full benefits of globalization and overseas markets. That’s why they are choosing translation services. After finding a language translation services, they can attract millions of customers. Such service is great because they can grow the revenue of the company. A significant number of companies is taking such a step. Attracting customers from other countries can be a difficult task sometimes because they have to make the use of translation services. Translate product related details and present in the foreign market. Make sure that they understand the message properly.

Considering a genuine translation service can be a challenging task because they have to invest proper time in research. Try to choose a perfect person who is expert in such sector. Make contact with an agency who will surely translate the material. Following are the benefits of Vietnamese translation services.

Knowledge in Sector

Try to use marketing strategies that can attract lots of consumers. Make sure that you are hiring a perfect company is an expert in the specific language.  A reputed company will surely translate the material within a fraction of seconds. Most of the companies have first-hand experience in translation services that would

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