Aviation Jobs In Vietnam

Named as “Asia’s Leading Destination” by World Travel Awards in 2018, Vietnam tourism industry has grown exponentially. With its rich cultural and historical background, supported by developing infrastructure, people come from all over the world by plane, car or even foot. Some come as tourists; others come to look for work. To support the growing tourism industry and infrastructure, Vietnam’s transport officials have major ambitions concerning the county’s aviation industry. Air routes have the potential to bring more tourists and trade. Therefore, the government is doing their best to upgrade the airports as well as starting construction on new ones. These upgrades and constructions will result in a wider range of employment opportunities, both for locals and foreigners. For those of you who are looking for opportunities to take part in Vietnam tourism industry, especially in the aviation sector, we have gathered up data on some of the best Airports and Airlines that might be the place for you to work!


Da Nang Airport – Da Nang, Central Vietnam

Crowned as the best airport in Vietnam by the Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam (CAAV) in 2018, this should be the number one in your “airport to work for” list. With an average of 4.19 points out of 5 in the overall survey conduct, Da Nang airport has the best airport staff attitude, service quality, airport space, and many other categories. If you’re looking for a high-quality work-environment, start preparing your resume and apply ASAP!

Noi Bai Airport – Hanoi, North Vietnam

Voted as the second-best airport by CAAV in 2018, Noi Bai is only a little behind Da Nang airport with an average of 4.13 points out of 5. Located in Hanoi, the capital city of Vietnam, not only it is the largest airport in the country, but it is also the second busiest. With a colder climate in the north, this airport is a good workplace for you if are up for challenges. 


Vietnam Airlines

This is the high-end, flagship and top-quality airline that this country has. Serving both domestic and international flights, Vietnam Airlines should be the number one on your “airlines to work for in Vietnam” list. Though the most expensive, their service and scheduling quality might have justified the price. As the first airline in South East Asia that became a SkyTeam Alliance member with great safety record, you shouldn’t be worried when applying for a job here. 

Jetstar Pacific Airlines

As a budget airline and no flight accidents since they took to the skies in 2007, Jetstar Pacific has always been the top choice for those who prefer low-price airfares. Partially owned by the Qantas Group, with an experienced and well-managed system, this is the kind of work environment that you would want to be a part of.

We have listed down for you the several best airports and airlines to work for in Vietnam. Now, start preparing your CV and apply for jobs on  VietJobs.vn