Teaching English in Vietnam

More and more English teachers see Vietnam as a prime destination where they can work and live. There are several reasons why Vietnam is so attractive destination for many English teachers. Some of the most notable ones include the fascinating culture, the foreign-friendly people, the tropical climate, and the colorful markets.

Thanks to its rapid economic development and the numerous foreign companies in Vietnam and the millions of English speaking tourists that visit the country each year, the demand for English teachers and tutors has never been greater. Especially, if the teacher is a native speaker and has years of experience in teaching under their belt.


  • Job requirements and salary


English teachers are required to have at least a Bachelor’s degree and will need to pass a criminal background check. In addition to that, some employers may ask for a TEFL certificate. Even though that’s not mandatory but it’s recommended to have it. In average, English teachers make from $800 to $1,800 per month, more if they are employed by some of the elite international schools. Most full-time English teachers work 30 to 40 hours per week, that’s when you add up office hours, lesson planning, and other mandatory school activities. That’s seven to eight hours per day, every weekday.


  • How to find a job as an English teacher in Vietnam?


Your best bet to get a job as an English teacher in Vietnam is to actually go there and search in person. It might look like a lot of effort and is expensive, but it often worth the trip. Currently, there are plenty of openings and there are plenty of language schools. If you are a native speaker, have a bachelor’s degree, haven’t been convicted of anything, your odds of landing a teacher’s job are significant. Most jobs are posted on specialized online job portals and in local newspapers.


  • Job types


Private Lessons- Anyone can give private lessons, even without having a bachelor’s degree or a TEFL certificate. Plus, you get flexible hours and can earn anything from US$10 to16 an hour, depending on your experience and negotiating skills.

You need to advertise yourself in local papers like Tuoi Tre, Vietnam News, or The Word to find students. There are also some Facebook groups where you can advertise your services and find students.

Language Schools- We have already mentioned the minimum requirements needed to work as an English teacher in Vietnam. The number of language schools in Vietnam is continuously rising as the demand gets bigger. Teachers in language schools are very respected by their students which makes the job much easier if you are a foreign teacher.

International Schools- Getting into one of the international schools is possible only if you are really good at your job. You need to have a degree from a top educational facility, years of experience in the educational system in a western country, and to be able to impress your interviewer. If you are able to do that, then you can expect to work in a top school for a top salary.