Top 5 Translator Jobs in Ho Chi Minh

Ho Chi Minh’s rapid economic and cultural development is one of the main reasons why numerous international companies have opened subsidiaries in this city and region. Based on future economic projections, that trend of new international companies establishing a presence in the city will continue to rise for the foreseeable future.

As a result, the demand for translators in Ho Chi Minh has never been greater, mainly for English to Vietnam and vice versa, but also for other languages. Here we will present the top five translator jobs in the city of Ho Chi Minh. Each of them is a unique opportunity to make a decent living and even to put some money aside.

  1. Personal Translators

    Most of the foreign executives and managers that come to do business in Ho Chi Minh, and Vietnam in general, hire a personal translator to translate for them during business meetings and other arrangements. In most cases, the translator also assumes the role of a personal assistant and take cares of other matters such as booking flights, hotels, making lunch reservations in hotels, translate documents, and so on. Typically, personal translators are well paid and are employed full time.

  2. Conference Interpreters

    Hundreds of international conferences are hosted in Ho Chi Minh every year. Each one of them depends on the services of interpreters to provide translation for the visitors. That also means there is also work for those that speak a third language, aside from English and Vietnamese. Therefore, knowing German, French, Mandarin, Japanese, Arabic, Spanish, or some other popular language will definitely be a huge bonus.

  3. Book Translators

    Most of the young people in Vietnam are caught up in anything that comes from the west, books included. Nowadays, many of the best sellers in the United States are translated into Vietnamese. Translating a book is a big thing, one that pays quite handsomely once it is completed. Of course, translating an entire book is no joke as it requires an in-depth understanding of languages, strong syntax and grammar skills, and most importantly a writer’s mindset.

  4. Legal Translators

    This is probably the most complex and most demanding type of translation that requires great precision, with almost zero space for errors. One wrong comma can get you in serious troubles or can cost the company a lot of money. At the same time, all that responsibility brings the highest paychecks.

  5. Corporate Translator

    Large corporations need translators that can help them in their day to day communications with their local employees. A translator that is not just fluent in both English and Vietnamese, but someone that understands the culture and the people. That way they can easily interpret and the job gets done as expected. When it comes to this type of translation, the main point is to translate the essence of the subject, rather than to literary translate word by word.

    Apart from the mentioned above, these translators also provide website translation, simultaneous interpretation, and academic translation.